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Anatomy of an Avalanche

Learn how Canada has been observing, documenting and studying snow and avalanches since 1885 and discover how avalanche professionals keep us safe on the roads, rails and in the backcountry.

These lesson plans are aimed at grades 4 – 12.

Click below for Anatomy of an Avalanche lesson plans.

Anatomy - Lesson Plans (PDF 306 Kb)
Anatomy - Snow Crystal Poster (PDF 970 Kb)
Anatomy - Snow & Weather Log (PDF 92 Kb)

Obstacles to Transportation

Learn how Canadians have managed avalanche risk to transportation routes over the years through methods of observation, avoidance, defence and attack.

These lesson plans are aimed at grades 4 – 11.

Click below for Obstacles to Transportation lesson plans.

Obstacles - Lesson Plans (PDF 316 Kb)
Obstacles - Quiz (PDF 42 Kb)
Obstacles - Quiz Answer Key (PDF 63 Kb)

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